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Black gangster disciples in Paducah, KY!

Black gangster disciples are in Paducah, KY – saw this gang graffiti on the restroom wall of a gas station in my neighborhood – this is not scribble from some wanna be kid sitting on the toilet – this is true blue black gangster disciples markings – it is high up on the wall which means it is recent! They are claiming our neighborhood as their turf for drug dealing, prostitution, and gang banging violence! Paducah police Dept needs to investigate! This is straight out of Chicago! They are here in Paducah, KY and they will kill any competition!

Chapter 2: Hagar

The Well in the Wilderness book

I posted the introduction to the book I am writing, on Patreon. This introduction is public, the rest of the posts containing the rest of the book, will be paid content for Patrons only. Please check out my Patreon page at the link below, and support the work we are doing.

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Watch “Tricked – A sex Traffic Documentary – BBC Documentary 2017” on YouTube

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Purple Peace to Eliminate Domestic Violence

Watch “Tricked” a Sex Trafficking Documentary