Why does God allow that?

People often ask why God allows bad things:



Premature death

Disease, etc

But they don’t look at it from both sides. God gave us doctors to treat disease, God gave them the intelligence and wisdom they have. He causes all manner of food to grow from the earth to keep us healthy and free from disease. Many diseases are caused by a poor diet. God gave us government to regulate society: police, judges, government officials. Because of the evil hearts of men, these institutions don’t always work as they should, but those are flaws in man, not God.

Too often, the people who want to blame God don’t want the truth–in their heart, they really hate God–they will attack God’s people for standing on the truth, and they refuse to be reasoned with. It comes down to choice, and it is a moral issue–a matter of an evil heart and a reprobate mind.


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