deceitful games of anti-abortionists

Abortionists don’t care about women, the abortion clinics don’t care about women, they care about making money. If it were really about choice, then they would be advocating birth control, abstinence, etc, instead. No money in that, though. You people that defend it are just their dupes and puppets, so I am not looking to argue with you.

Another agenda is the anti-God rhetoric that inevitably comes out of every abortionists mouth. So what if the model of a twelve week old baby isn’t accurate? Claiming that a baby in the womb is not alive, not human, doesn’t feel, blah blah blah…far worse, more dangerous lies.


content warning: post contains explicit discussion on abortion

I held in my hand a model of a 12 week old preborn human being, also known as a fetus, or also known as a “blob” of cells if you work for Planned Parenthood. (Quiner’s Diner)

Tom Quiner has a post called “The reality of human abortion“, which features a picture of a model 12-week-old human fetus. I was intrigued by the photo, thinking the fetus looked more baby-shaped than I had previously understood, and so googled what an actual 12-week-old fetus looks like.

A 12-week-old fetus in reality looks like I remember: something like a newly hatched baby bird crossed with a tiny alien. I still think it’s a shocking image that has the potential to make someone think twice about abortion if they have other options. So I don’t understand why the anti-abortion lobby doesn’t present…

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  1. Thank you for standing up against what God calls evil because that is what Abortions are, yes Murder and I committed it when I was not yet 15, please read my Story before you judge me harshly, was I right NO!!!

    My Abortion –

    Blessings – Anne.


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