Proverbs Chapter 2-Adultery

Continuing with this series of posts studying the book of Proverbs, let’s move on to chapter two. In this chapter, King Solomon continues to extol the virtues of wisdom, and specifically, to keep a man from committing adultery.

I apologize that I wasn’t able to find a version of this song without commercials, I could have used one with just the lyrics, but I felt it was important to see the video that goes with this song:

Slow Fade”  by Casting Crowns

Proverbs 2:1-10

My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;

2 So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;

3 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;

4 If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures;

5 Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.

6 For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

7 He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly.

8 He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.

9 Then shalt thou understand righteousness, and judgment, and equity; yea, every good path.

10 When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;

11 Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee:

12 To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things;

13 Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness;

14 Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the frowardness of the wicked;

15 Whose ways are crooked, and they froward in their paths:

16 To deliver thee from the strange woman, even from the stranger which flattereth with her words;

17 Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God.

18 For her house inclineth unto death, and her paths unto the dead.

19 None that go unto her return again, neither take they hold of the paths of life.

In the next chapter, King Solomon continues to warn of those who don’t avoid temptation. It is a choice, affairs don’t just happen, there is a progression, and a series of choices, each one consciously made, until you have destroyed everything you once held dear. Look at the story of Eve, when she at the fruit, there was a progression there. First, she looked at the tree, then she may have hung around the tree, looking at the fruit, maybe smelling it, telling herself it was innocent, she could stop anytime. But then she saw that the fruit was good for food, Ah, NOW she began to think it was something she needed, and so she went for it. But it was a lie–she gained nothing worthwhile, and she lost all the good she had before, and the two most important relationships she had, that with her husband, and that with her God, was broken. But not beyond repair. In the same way, there is repair and healing after a person falls in to the sin of adultery, but first the person has to admit their wrong, and make the decision to forsake the affair and not continue it.

Years ago, in the town I grew up in, I knew a Christian family who lived not far from my grandmother’s house, where I lived with my dad, grandma, and older sister. This family had two parents, two daughters, and two sons. My sister was good friends with the older daughter, and I was friends with the younger son and daughter. I loved going over there, I always had fun, and there was always a sense of purity and peace and fun in the house. They went to church every Sunday, and a few times my sister and I went with them.

We moved away one year, when I was fifteen, we moved to a bigger town, and a different school. I missed my friends. About a year later, I heard what had happened to that family. The father had an affair, and when it was exposed, instead of repenting and leaving the affair, he left his family, and moved in with the woman he had the affair with. I ran into the children from that family, a few times over the years. The oldest daughter turned from a happy young woman, into an angry woman, vindictive and mean. The younger daughter started to treat her mother like and enemy, and she became rebellious. She didn’t want to be my friend much anymore, but hung around with druggie types instead. The oldest son started listening to heavy metal and smoking. I watched these young people, who had once all loved the Lord and had a very real relationship with Him, so much so that is was clear by how they lived their lives. They changed.

I heard that the mom in that family held on to hope for many years, hope that her husband would come home. I heard that he did once, he come home for a short time, but then he went back to the other woman, saying that “his heart was with her.”

Was it? Was love really involved in his choosing to stay with the other woman? Did love cause him to see what happened to his children, and still choose what he wanted, what he thought was good for him, not caring about the consequences to his family?

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