Catherine The Great

Why am I saved? I can tell you one of the reasons. One of the reasons is that there was a mighty prayer warrior, a giant of faith, disguised as a 75 year old, white-haired widowed great-grandmother. Her name was Catherine. The whole family knew that the second eldest of the great-grandchildren was a wild, immoral, Godless, pot smoking, liquor guzzling loser.

And they wrote her off.

But Catherine….She saw through the eyes of Christ. She saw the little girl that great-granddaughter had been. She and Jesus remembered the little girl who read her picture Bible, and looked at the picture of Jesus on the wall above her bed, every night before she went to sleep, and wondered what the truth was, about Him, and about many things.

Jesus, and that little white-haired great-grandmother didn’t see the way the rest of the family, and everyone who knew the great-granddaughter saw her. They did not write her off. Catherine said, I am going to pray for her, that Jesus will bring her back to that first faith.


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