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Why do Carnivores Exist?


Since many carnivorous animals also eat plants, is it really necessary for them to eat meat? They burn a lot of calories chasing down said meat, so it seems more efficient to eat a plant which can’t uproot itself and run away.

Speaking of plants, there are even some plants which are carnivorous. Why? Plants get their nutrients from the sun and from soil, so why did some plants decide to add meat to their diet? If the sun and soil don’t provide enough nutrients, then why aren’t all plants carnivorous?

The article says that hypercarnivores eat meat because they can’t digest plant material. If that’s true why do my housecats eat grass and other plants, not just when they are sick, but any chance they get. Knock it if you want to, but at least the Bible has an answer: carnivorous animals weren’t originally created that way.

Well they sure are well suited to it. Take an eagle for example: they are excellent hunters and efficient killers. I’ve seen videos of golden eagles killing grown wolves. Impressive.

Even so, I think this is an adaptation; eagles weren’t originally created this way during the account of creation in Genesis. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, creation became a corrupt, destructive version of what it was before.

Human Trafficking Can Happen to Anyone

by Lisa Prewitt

I am repulsed at the thought of the people who are involved in human trafficking, especially those who take young innocent children. Six million children have been sold in our world. Every thirty seconds a child is sold for sex, labor, or organ harvesting. Who does this? Greedy, heartless, evil people are to blame. What is worse, this business is fueled by the carnal cravings of mostly American men. The United States is the highest producer and consumer of child pornography. What will be the fate of those on Judgment Day when they stand before God Almighty? I think you know the answer.

Human trafficking is a global crime that many are not even aware. There are more people who are in modern day slavery today than there have ever been in the history of our world. It is estimated that two hundred million children alone are currently being forced into the sex trade. They are raped for money. The highest consumption of child pornography is in the United States. People in our country have become sex addicts. Those who have been caught dealing in this kind of business have been asked why they want children. The number one answer is that as a young preteen they picked up a Playboy magazine, and then as time went on they came into more hardcore pornography which then led to internet pornography. Later in life the thrill that the pornography had given them as a teenager started to wear off, so they began searching for online sex acts with younger and younger people until they were watching children as young as six or seven involved in a sex act. This is why so many American men, business men, doctors, lawyers, get on planes to fly to other countries to fulfill their sick fantasies because the child porn they have watched on the internet is not satisfying them anymore. They need an actual child to gratify them sexually.

This is hard to believe, but it is happening in our world. Regular people that we associate with every day, maybe the doctor we see, or an accountant, who does our taxes, are involved in these horrific crimes. As I think about these children, alone, scared, helpless, I think of my own children and grandchildren. My heart feels torn and my stomach begins to churn at the thought of any of them going through something like this, yet it is happening still to millions of children and adults who are someone’s child, someone’s loved one, God’s creation.

Commercials show the abuse of animals, activists crying out for the preservation of endangered animals, forests, or tiny insects, yet we are ignorant of the fact that humans, made in the likeness of God, are being abused sexually, sold into slavery, or having their only existence be to have their organs taken for someone’s profit. When will it stop? It can only stop when we quit turning away from the horrible reality that trafficking is taking place right here under our noses, when we stop making light of the fact that boys will be boys, and pornography is harmless. It will stop when we raise our voices to let others know that this is a problem in our world, and support the efforts of those who are trying to make a difference in the lives of trafficking victims.

Volunteers are needed. Prayer warriors are needed. Money and other resources are needed. Educating the world that slavery is alive today is needed. Will you help? I am not asking can you, but will you? You may not have financial resources, but you may have the time to volunteer or the ability to pray. You can tell others about this horrible reality. You can do something, if you will.

If you are afraid of getting involved in volunteering, let me ease your mind if you are worried about being in danger. There is a safe place to volunteer here in Paducah. The women and children there need to be heard, to be loved, to be taught that not all people are evil like the ones that they have been in contact with in the past. You can be like Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and other abolitionists who fought so long ago to free the slaves. You can do something. Will you? If you would like more information about Victory Through Grace Ministries, or you would like a guest speaker to come to your group or organization contact us at

Another way that you can find out more about helping end modern day slavery is to watch a series of videos online about the Operation Underground Railroad. It is about founder, Tim Ballard and his team who are going into rescue children who are being trafficked all over the world. Click the link below to learn more, and please share this information with everyone you know.

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