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It’s The Great Debate, Charlie Brown

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Did you watch those Charlie Brown Halloween specials on TV, about the Great Pumpkin? I did. It makes me miss the days before cable TV, before on-demand television, when Saturday morning cartoons, and specials like Charlie Brown movies were Special, because I couldn’t watch them any time I wanted, they were only on once a week, in the case of Saturday morning cartoons, and once a year, in the case of the Charlie Brown movies.

Those specials were just part of the reason I looked forward to Halloween. For me, it was such a special time, I got to spend time with my mother, picking out my costume, and then later going to my grandparents neighborhood to trick or treat. It was the one night a year I could dress up like my favorite cartoon characters. One year, the first year I remember tricking treating, I dressed up as Superman, yes Superman! What other day of the year could a little girl dress up as Superman if she wanted?

Another year, I went as a gypsy, in a homemade costume, I put a lot of time and effort into that costume, and I was proud of it. Some of my favorite memories with my brother and sisters was going trick or treating with them. The year I went as a gypsy, my brother went as a Smurf, also in a homemade costume.

Then I grew up, and I forgot how magical and special Halloween was. It is one of the rites of passage of childhood. At 20 years old, I came back to the faith in Jesus that I had in my youth. But, I started to believe what church people told me: how Halloween was evil, and pagan, and you couldn’t be a Christian in you celebrated Halloween. And so, I only took my daughter trick or treating one time, she was dressed as Jasmine from the Aladdin movie. Fast forward to this year, last night, Halloween night.

My fiancé and I live in a nice neighborhood, where there are many retirees, just the very type of neighborhood where parents take their kids, because it is same for them to trick or treat. The very type of neighborhood I trick or treated in when I was a child. I realized I had come full circle, now I was the one helping to make the magic happen for a new generation of neighborhood children.

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I understand why Christians are against celebrating Halloween, I know Halloween has pagan origins. But, as I posted on Facebook earlier:

 “people who take their kids trick or treating, they are doing it so their kids can have fun memories, play dress up, get candy, and make memories with family and friends. There are many worse things they could be doing. You have no right to judge one of God’s servants because of your personal measure of morality. The measure you use will be measured to you. There are a lot of Christians who use FB to climb on their “holy” high horse, proclaiming themselves oh-so-holy, while at the same time seeing nothing wrong with spewing venom, unchecked, at anyone who disagrees with their personal morality, or personal rules for holiness. Which is worse, that, or trick or treating?”

It is not pagan now. And there are a lot of worse things that young people could be doing. It’s a personal choice, but no one has the right to condemn another for the choice they make, and attempt to claim that they are not saved if they let their kids trick or treat. Lighten up. The bible says that one who is strong eats all things, and the one who is weak, in conscience, eats only herbs. Whether weak or strong, don’t destroy a fellow believers over your personal preferences.

*Drops the mike* *Walks away*

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