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Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement

Peaceful protests like the Bus Boycott of 1955-1956

E. D. Nixon escorting Rosa Parks to the courthouse in Montgomery Alabama where she was tried for her role in the bus boycott[E. D. Nixon escorting Rosa Parks to the courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama, where she was tried for her role in the bus boycott, 1956] [graphic]. Credit:

Prayer Rallies like The Prayer Pilgrimage to Washington for Freedom which took place on May 17, 1957

Prayer Rally Record from Civil Rights Movement Digital Library


Using your rights as citizens to the American legal system, as with Brown versus Board of Education, 1954

Brown Versus BOE from Civil Rights Movement Digital Library

The people involved in the Civil Rights movement accomplished many goals and brought about a lot of good changes by intelligent tactics, lawful procedures, prayer, and peaceful protest. AND IT WORKED!! What has violence ever accomplished except to breed more violence and harm the cause? Nothing.

Yes, at times war is necessary, but as a last resort, not as a first response. If there has ever been a time in human history where people accomplished so much through peaceful protest and prayer, I am not aware of it. Prayer was the major part of the Civil Rights movement that caused it’s success–human effort cannot be credited for that as much as God’s action and intervention. So I am calling on the faith community, whatever your skin color, to pray as God shows you, for peace, equality and change.

It is not weakness to seek to peacefully bring about change, it is not traitorous to work within the system–it is wisdom. Prayerfully seeking God’s will is the way to ensure success.


Health Care

I was just watching Sunday Features on Fox News. That is a program hosted by Maria Bartiromo where she and her panel interview people. Like every other program, they are talking mainly about President Elect Trump. I haven’t been listening closely to that conversation, but I went over to Twitter to see what people where saying on @SundayFeatures page. There the conversation was mainly about Obamacare, and health care issues. Here is my take on it…..

I’m not an expert about healthcare, being just an average citizen, but I believe average citizens can and should educate themselves, not just believe what people tell them. Getting people to tell the truth can be difficult, I’m seeing that many people will tell any lie they need to tell in order to protect their own interests. The bible says that the worst times are when truth falls in the streets, and that is the case in our modern times. With that said, I’ll do my best to lay out the facts, as I understand them.

Healthcare is a business, in the basics, it is just like any other business. One of those basics is competition. The companies that provide healthcare insurance, and that is all it is,¬†insurance, it is not healthcare in itself. The only good thing that I see about our healthcare system is that competition among companies is, in theory, a good thing–that is what makes capitalism work. Capitalism, a free-market economy. Put simply, that is the only type of economy that works, socialism doesn’t work, communism doesn’t work. I may explain the reasons for that in another post.

Now I realize that healthcare providers, as part of an oligopoly, they don’t really have to worry as much about competition. There is not much variation in how much you pay, from one provider to another, as far as premiums, copays, what is covered, etc. Like I said, I’m not an expert, but I do know a bit about economics, enough to understand what is going on, not just believe everything that someone else tells me.

People need healthcare insurance–that is a given. So for poorer people, there is Medicaid–each state has their own Medicaid insurance, and¬†looking at it objectively, it is good insurance–it covers the basics, and it is good that it exists. Wealthy people can afford the best insurance. Both of these groups are covered, but the middle class struggles. Every society throughout history has had that problem. The answer is not to have the government step in and have federal healthcare insurance that takes away all competition, and then all of a sudden you have a government run monopoly, and then they can raise the cost to whatever they want, and people have to pay it. That is exactly what happened with Obamacare, even to the point of IRS fines if you don’t have healthcare insurance.

Now, the stance of the supporters of Obamacare–their main point seems to be that people will die if you repeal Obamacare. That may be true, that people will die without healthcare, but we aren’t talking about healthcare, we are talking about insurance. And, again, this doesn’t effect everyone, it affects the middle class. It is the middle class who has the tough struggle with affordable health care insurance, as I have said. And that is if they don’t have children–it is my understanding that Medicaid will cover your children, even if you make too much to qualify for Medicaid. So now the pool of the people who can’t afford Medicaid shrinks even more, to those without children. One solution that may work here, is to reform Medicaid, to bring in those who are falling into the cracks. Make the cost proportional to their income. Isn’t that pretty much the idea with Obamacare? So this solution would make a Federal health insurance program unnecessary. This insurance wasn’t rolled out as AN option, it is intended to be the only option, making all other health insurance companies obsolete. This is wrong, it is only by a capitalistic society that we can even have a middle class.

One last thought about healthcare insurance–it is not healthcare, it’s insurance. Healthcare insurance doesn’t save lives, or keep people healthy–a healthy lifestyle does. Even doctors aren’t really in the business of keeping you healthy–you usually only go to a doctor after something has gone wrong with your health–people don’t normally go to the doctor when they are healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and eating right will go a long way to keeping you healthy, and you will have less need for doctors. Also, healthcare insurance is a business, the providers couldn’t care less about keeping you healthy, they are in the business of making money, which they do by charging people a bunch of money for a product they don’t need and will never use, and people will fight for the right. Tell me how that makes sense?