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Federal judge strikes down Kentucky law

Women already have access to the best health care. Why is it not enough? Why is it necessary to have later and later term abortions?

Here are a few better solutions:

Birth control: easily obtainable, if you can’t afford it from your doctor, there are many clinics that offer free or low cost birth control.

This is my grandson, he is not a blob of tissue, and he is not a clump of cells. Never has been. He is a precious life, from the moment of conception. My beautiful daughter, was and is, a precious life. Every life is precious. What right does anyone have to redefine whole groups of people as ‘sub-human’ and therefore able to be murdered for convenience?

Even though adoption is expensive for the family adopting, it is not expensive for the pregnant woman:

Adoption fees pay for:

  • birth mother expenses (hospital, housing, food)
  • government and legal fees
  • counseling with potential birth mothers
  • adoption agency overhead and expenses
  • advertising on your behalf

This information comes from:

So the birth mother gets her hospital, food and housing paid for by the adopting family. Why aren’t more people advocating for adoption, with the same fervor that they are advocating abortion?